Bryan Knight Male Escort Gay Companion


About Me

When you think of the strong, caring man you always wanted, what comes to mind? Would you want my muscular arms to hold you? My solid body pressed against yours?   

Imagine running your fingers across my chest and feeling the soft hair.  If you lean in close, you may catch the scent of fresh sea salt, summer soil and wood .

Now imagine how good you will feel when we meet. You will get a real man’s body and mind for our mutual satisfaction.

Your pleasure is special to me because you are unique. Making you feel special is an artform that is very enjoyable for me.

When was the first time?

The first time a man called to meet me, he said he wanted carpentry for his home. I’ve always been good working with my hands. When I arrived, he was very impressed beyond what my hands could do and asked me to stay a little longer. We had fun the whole morning. When we were done, he said, “You’re so good! How did you get this way?”

Passions fuel my lust for life. Illustrating, bodybuilding, and nature studies keep my body and spirit strong. Reading, drawing and travel refresh me.

My closest friends know I’m an adventurer. Creating comic books and other art projects keeps my humor and creativity thriving. When that is done, I like to come home and have a quiet evening to unwind.

What makes you happy and able to share that experience?

Being raised in New York City makes me direct and has conditioned me to keep peace of mind in a chaotic environment. Being raised with nurturing parents makes me comfortable with affection and intimacy on many levels. Male desire doesn't have to be only behind closed doors.

I want you to share my passions with me.

Now that I have your full and complete attention I want to know more about you.