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Newark Airport EncounterCategory: Erotic Fan Stories   Mar 10th 2017  11:44AM   0

So this cornfed boy in blue plaid asks me to the bathroom at Newark. We wait until the room clears before we sneak into the handicap stall. He's very handsome with cheeks that have been sunburned but haven't lost a fine layer of down that catches the light. He puts his hands to his bulge which is pleasant for his size. Then he pulls his pants down. My eyes widen. Out flops a tennis ball. Behind it is what looks like a baby gerbil. I pause. He notices my perplexion. "You like different," he said. "Wanted to show you something you don't see every day." So this isn't going the way i thought it would. Then the big question pops into my mouth. " do you be a service provider if..." He grins. He's very proud of what he's discovered. "I know, I've got nothing down there. I hated myself for years thinking about it. But then in high school, guys would be really into it. Most guys have 5 or 6 inches tops, and they think they should all new art least 10. So to those guys, comparing themselves next to me, they felt like porn stars." "I'm a bottom so that works out well. Jewish guys, asian guys and indian guys go CRAZY for this." It dawned on me, "So they hire you." "Fuck yeah." His confidence and swagger made him look 8 inches bigger. "Just finished a week in Dubai, hitting Dallas next. Who says you need a big dick to make it? Just have to find who likes what you've got." I laugh. He's definitely clever. Then he unzips my pants. "Dude, its the airport!" He looks hungrily at me. "So you better cum in my mouth hard and fast. I've got a flight to catch." He had me so excited i knew i was In the presence of a master. He didn't take no for an answer. He went to work on my nipples the way he knew i liked front my videos. He stood on the toilet and crouched down to suck my dick while i faced the bowl. I could hear passengers I the other stalls and i was shaking hard with nerves. Cum cum cum cum cum cum i kept thinking. It didn't need to be drawn out, Just to empty my nut sac. He sucked and sucked with no sign of discomfort. He was on a mission to feed. And it worked. He brought me right to the edge of the cliff and made me stand on my toes as my cockhead burst onto his tongue and i convulsed two, three after shocks, so sweet, so fucking sweet... He held my cock in his mouth still and patiently for a time. I pulled back and closed up my pants in one movement. He sat back on the toilet with his knees to his chest. He looked content. "Would you get that?" he pointed to his tennis ball on the floor. I laughed silently. Now i had to Get out of the stall without being seen "You taste good buddy," he cooed. "Let's do this again."

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