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When and how do I tip?

Thank you for writing. This one is simple.

Escort services are a luxury (often 250+ p hr for a professional). If you do not tip, you are not penalized under the following conditions: a) You show sincere gratitude (if the service was good). b) Your payment is an easy transaction (no forgetting your wallet in the car), c) You hire for an extended session (overnight/multiple days for instance), or d) you prebook hours in advance (often a significant sum at an adjusted hourly rate).

A tip is appropriate under the following conditions: a) the professional exceeded your expectations, b) you want to keep seeing the professional at a later date.

For an hour date, +$20 p hr is acceptable. Moret will create an expectation of more in the future, which you may not always be able to or want to provide, and cause discouragement (instinctively, a professional will see a later, smaller tip as a sign you are dissatisfied with his performance when in fact you may be completetly satisfied.)

For a night, +$100 is acceptable. For a weekend, +$250 (or if you covered the meals, that's acceptable as well).

Non-monetary demonstrations of grattiude are also appreciated, such as professional networking connections (hooking your actor escort with a producer to try out for a film audition he wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to try for instance), or your own special powers (one client of mine can adjust my airline flights and seats for modest upgrades and changes without the standard airline fees. Saves me big money!).

What are legitimate add-on costs for a service provider and what is just nickle-and-diming?

Great question. Here are a few guidelines.

When a professional comes to see you, they may add a fee for cab/uber at certain times, such as late night, or when they do not have a car in the city they are traveling in, or the distance to see you is significant (meaning that it will take more than 30-45 minutes to reach your destination).

For example, if I were asked to come to Yonkers from NYC for 1 hour, it would be my hourly rate + the train fare on the Metro North + a cab to his place and back (at the very minimum). If the service provider had to soak those costs, they will choose to stay home and wait for a more local visitor.  Perhaps if the session was for 2 hours, I might eat the train ticket or the cab fare, because the investment becomes more worth the effort.

For some trips, such as overnights or extended trips, a deposit to reserve the time is a reasonable request. I ask for 1/3 of an overnight fee with new clients and I take the rest later. Travel expenses (beyond a subway ride or a cab, which I eat at the courtesy of the visitor) are added. This is a fair arrangement for asking a professional to set aside an evening of his time.

During overnights and extended visits, meals are optional though it's classy to include at least some of them.

Any events (shows, opera) are at your expense and any medical care the escort may need (say they fall in your house and need stiches, you would cover the cab to bring them to the ER).

Now, here are some costs you are NOT obligated to honor:

Different prices for different, minor options ("Kissing costs an extra $50, washing my back costs an extra $20, sleeping in the same room costs an extra $100."). I kid you not, I've seen some excuses-for-professionals  try this shit and it makes my skin curdle. It's low class.

Price hikes during or after the session that were not negotiated before the meeting ("Well, it took me alot longer to get here than I thought it would, so I want more money.")

Non-essential purchases they ask for ("Hey, I want that jacket. Give it to me.")

If the professional is good, you are not paying them for their time: You are investing in a person you admire to do great things with their life. This is where money for time transforms into helping another human being be awesome and enjoying the product of their efforts on your behalf.

Pleaes keep your questions coming and check out for regular updates on the blog.

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