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How often should you update your photos?

Thanks for writing. Accurate up-to-date photos are part of creating trust and connecting with your ideal audience. You can update photos generally on your social media sites, where some will check them out. Most visitors will check your page once in a while to follow you. Be prepared to take 2 high quality photoshoots a year and be prepared to post a new cover photo at LEAST once a month. That will allow you to keep yourself current and show your different, evolving sides.

The exception to this rule is for 1 out of every 10 photos. Sometimes you just get a photo that is a magical, once in a lifetime image that becomes something you are famour for. Check out some of my photos in my gallery in the Classic section for examples. They should be similar to your current image and with a disclaimer about the age of the photo.

What types of photos draw the most people in?

There are generally 4 types of photos that all escorts must have in order to have a well-rounded visual presence.

These are your Business Photos/Model Head shots, Casual, Swimwear, and Nude.
Business photos are just that: professional photos. These say to your customer you are businessman who takes pride in your appearance and the service you provide. You respect yourself enough to be seen in public, and you will make a client look good by being seeng with them in public. These can include some formal wear. Wear dark blue to white suits for these photos. (Black makes you look like an undertaker or more invisible). Suit and tie, time piece if you wear one, ring, polished, clean.  Close up head shot is a must, three-quarter profile generally.

You can study different lighting effects that are used in movies if you want to use this head shot to create a particular mood or effect. I personally like the straight forward look with lights are 45 degrees to either side of my face. It makes it look light, natural and relaxed, which is who I am on my best days.

Now some escorts like less of a wall-street look and more main-street. Farmers, Bakers, Artists, etc. In this case, you dress your role. If you are a Baker, you look like a baker. If you are a Farmer, you show yourself as a farmer. You are establishing that you are a real person that adds to their standard, classic role (ie.., society-accepted jobs) with Escorting. This will bring in better clients who respect you and discourage callers who think otherwise.

Casual photos are the ones you take when you're out of the office. This includes Gym Phoots, Eating out and Playing. These show you can relax and have fun. If you can demonstrate what you like to do for fun in different places (going to the beach, the mall, etc.) this will give your clients ideas about where and how they want to take you out. I personally like casinos, so I was fortunate to get some photos of me playing roulette and blackjack on a cruise ship.

Swimwear photos are you in your bathingsuit and underwear. This can also include Fetish Gear, such as leather, latex, sports gear, pup gear, or jeans. These are the sexy photos you take in public places. They show off what makes you feel sexy and will connect with clients find sexy about you. I like swimsuits and underwear, so I like to show off a bit. I also like leather harnesses, so I wear them and put new gear somtimes.

Nudes are the controversial photos. Ultimately, men like to see you as good looking. They want to see skin. It is perfectly okay and legal for you to be photographed in classic nudes or sexual acts. Just be clear that the acts depicted in the photographs are not what is promised as a service. You are selling time. Your body image is supposed to be icing on the cake.

Full frontal soft/semi hard, full front hard, Three quarter profile hard. If you are a Top/Dominant, you may show your butt as a side profile. No full on butt shots.

If you are Versatile, you show equal numbers of front and back, with front being shown first. It is important to stress with your body posture, confidence and photo composition (individually and as a collection) that you are confident in whatever role you are assuming for your date. Most clients do not think in terms of attitude fluidity. They want a professional with a definite, singular position. So your imagery has to be extra tight to court your ideal client.

If you are Bottom/Submissive, you place photos showing your butt LAST. You are being hired for your submissive and receptive personality. The higher priority will be on your face, body posture and general attitude portrayed in the photos. You butt is the last thing that clients want to see.

Optional: Signature photos

Some pros will make a memorable photo. The benefit to this is that once a viewer sees it, they will never be able to forget you. Look at the photo of me with the red balloons on the first page. Look close. How often do you see that? Now try to forget it. You can't. It's THAT powerful.

Some viewers find it weird and they are put off by the juxtaposition of images of me in leather and wallstreet attire. This means they will not commit to closing the deal. You can try to mitigate this risk by creating a memorable photo that is an extension of your other photos for a more cohesive effect as well. For instance, if you like leather, be in full formal leathers (or stripped down) standing in front of the Statue of Liberty. If you can pull that shot off, you nailied it.

Please keep sending your questions and comments. Visitors and callers may also submit questions as well.

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