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Thank you for sending in your questions. I provide the information and answers free because I believe an open conversation is the best policy for safe, happy and satisfactory business and personal relationships. There is no price to put on being a good person and making life better for the world around you.

So when a client calls and you can't answer right away and you say you aren't free, do u give them dates and times that work and just leave it at that? Do you message them again if they don't answer?

I'm assuming that you have a real life.

You are not sitting by your phone waiting for the next call to the exclusion of all other activities and responsibilities of your life. You are not prepared to ignore your friend's birthday party or your mother's dinner invitation for someone calling you last second, however badly you think you may need the money.

In this attitude, you need your client to understand that you as a human being have another life and that you are providing a luxury service that needs preparation. Perhaps you are available immediately, or perhaps you need time to get back from the gym. Here is how to handle it when "Right Now" has to be "Right Time for Everyone."

For local calls, be grateful and directly. "Thank you for calling/texting/writing. I'm not availbale at this time. I have times available at (x,y, z). Which of these work for you?"

Notice that I did not leave the information with the caller flat on the floor. I invited the caller to participate in the process by choosing an option. This keeps the caller engaged and interested more often.

Perhaps they are only available right at that moment or in a certain time, so this question won't work. In any case, the caller will psychologically appreciate your good, positive attitude to accomodate them and feel good about calling you the next time they are looking for someone. Think long-term-deal-closures.

Perhaps you want to keep a call list and send occassional reminders to callers that you are available and interested. I keep a short list of candidates that I message in cities when I visit who have expressed interest during prior trips but have been unable to meet. Only 1/10 of these contacts will follow through and turn into a session. But isn't it great? Of 10 people who called you, you have a guaranteed solid booking on a trip. Do that over time, and imagine what 500 potential contacts adds up to.

Just a gentle reminder. 'Hi, this is so and so, I'm coming into town (date). You asked me to say hello when I was returning. Let me know what you think."

Notice I did not ask, "Let me know if you want to meet." or "When can you meet?"

You invited the recipient to participate again in a personalized way for their needs (yes I want to see you, no I can't see you this time, but thank you, or no thank you, I'm no longer looking for a service provider.)

Please keep sending your questions and share this information with other escorts and people who are looking to hire them. I welcome questions I am able to answer so that you can be safe, have fun and make money.

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