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Escort Question: How many hours do you consider for an overnight? Weekend?

Thanks for writing.

I like to take my evenings easily. Some professionals and service providers think it will be solid activity from arrival to departure. I don't know about you, but I like my 8 hours of sleep and taking it casually. I'm here to make a magical moment happen and that means to not rush through it.

Personally, I will see someone from about 7/8 in the evening until 10am the next day, schedule permitting. A few hours to enjoy company, a good night's rest, and a graceful breakfast before departing for the day. This is classy.

Weekends have a similar structure. I expect to arrive by Friday at 7/8pm and depart on Sunday by 5pm in order to prepare for Monday's return.

As a service provider, you decide what these terms mean to you. You may only want to stay 8 hours and no more. Sure, you can do this. If you do this, be classy and elegant about how you set your boundaries. Clients are looking for how smoothly you handle yourself.

Please keep sending your questions and I'll be happy to bring you more information to make your escort experience safe, fun and satisfying for everyone involved. :)

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