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Recent UpdatesCategory: General   Nov 10th 2017  05:23PM   0

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay!

I had an injury at the beginning of June and after extensive delays and a surgery, I'm finally up and running again.

You can follow more regular updates on my facebook pages

or my instagram bryanknight66

or my twitter bryanknightxxx

Say hello and make some noise!

The First Animated Escort Film. EverCategory: General   May 20th 2017  11:11PM   0

A beautiful gift from one of my friends.

Thank you so much for making this possible.

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Yay, my new porn just came outCategory: General   Mar 23rd 2017  07:21PM   0


Throwback ThursdayCategory: General Fan Stories   Mar 14th 2017  06:15PM   0

Throw back Thursday! From a shoot I did with



Fan Q: How did you get good at massage?Category: General   Mar 14th 2017  06:14PM   0

Besides a ton of practice, it started when my mom would come into my bed late at night. She would do the dinner shift at the strip club and I'd be almost asleep by the time she came home.

She would put her hand on my head and stroke it gently and tell stories of when she was a young girl. It was our secret time together to laugh and tell jokes. She had a nice perfume from Macy's that still lingered and she would ask me about school this and that.

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Newark Airport EncounterCategory: Erotic Fan Stories   Mar 10th 2017  11:44AM   0

So this cornfed boy in blue plaid asks me to the bathroom at Newark. We wait until the room clears before we sneak into the handicap stall. He's very handsome with cheeks that have been sunburned but haven't lost a fine layer of down that catches the light. He puts his hands to his bulge which is pleasant for his size. Then he pulls his pants down. My eyes widen. Out flops a tennis ball. Behind it is what looks like a baby gerbil. I pause. He notices my perplexion. "You l

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What to Do with HatersCategory: Escort Manners   Aug 17th 2016  08:58PM   0

The hardest thing to do when confronted and trolls and haters on social media apps is to say nothing. The first thing to do is to report them and block them. Because the first priority is to keep the apps open and running so that customers can find me. If I antagonize too many stupid people they can retaliate and shut off my Supply, and that means no money.

Working The AppsCategory: Escort Manners   Aug 17th 2016  08:56PM   0

I discovered a very cool phenomenon while using the apps to promote myself and my business interests. If I could clearly connect why someone would want to hire me for reasons Beyond the pleasures of my company, even normally moderate to mild hostile people would change their position. the fact that I could connect being paid to do bondage domination and master work with creating new animation and hiring other artists to stimulate the economy actually makes these people very excited. Once the

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one year after rent boyCategory: General   Aug 8th 2016  09:27PM   0

It's been one year since Homeland Security with the NYPD raided and closed down the industry is recovering quickly and the world's most wonderful profession of sales continues. Right now I am planning to rebuild my body and use all the knowledge and wonderful contacts I've made being an escort to bring wonderful things into the world. The changes have been frustrating but so are all growing pains. I'm finally finding a Groove. I look forward to more positive and enjoyable intera

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Back in actionCategory: General   Aug 8th 2016  09:26PM   0

Hi! I have been posting many blog updates on my Tumblr and Facebook. My commitment is to copy those posts and bring them here to the website so that you can read them at your leisure. Follow me on Tumblr and Instagram and Facebook for more updated regular posts.

Client Questions: Part 1Category: Client Manners   Apr 1st 2016  02:08AM   0

When and how do I tip?

Thank you for writing. This one is simple.

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Escort Questions Part 4Category: Escort Manners   Apr 1st 2016  01:42AM   0

How often should you update your photos?

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Escort Questions Part 3Category: Escort Manners   Mar 20th 2016  05:21PM   0

Thank you for sending in your questions. I provide the information and answers free because I believe an open conversation is the best policy for safe, happy and satisfactory business and personal relationships. There is no price to put on being a good person and making life better for the world around you.

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More questions about EscortingCategory: Escort Manners   Mar 20th 2016  04:38PM   0

Escort Question: How many hours do you consider for an overnight? Weekend?

Thanks for writing.

I like to take my evenings easily. Some professionals and service providers think it will be solid activity from arrival to departure. I don't know about you, but I like my 8 hours of sleep and taking it casually. I'm here to make a magical moment happen and that means to not rush through it.

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Some questions about escortingCategory: Escort Manners   Mar 17th 2016  11:56PM   1

Hey Bryan, Just curious about several things relating to escorting.

1) Should we create an LLC and pay taxes?

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